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Pioneer TS-6965V3 – Car Speakers


  • Brand: Pioneer
  • Model No.: TS-6965V3 (Champion Series)
  • Cone size: 6×9″ (163mmx237mm)
  • Type: 3-way, Coaxial/Full Range
  • Sound Pressure Level: 91db (±1.5dB)
  • Frequency Range: 23 Hz ~ 26k Hz (-20dB)
  • Maximum Power: 450W
  • Nominal Power: 80W
  • Impedance: 4 Ω (ohm)


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Key Features of Pioneer TS-6965V3

Non-Pressed Paper Cone
Though difficult to manufacture, Non-pressed Paper Cones are preferred for their low density & lightweight durability, and punchy, powerful sound. Lower density enables precise control over cone movement for accurate sound reproduction.

Dual Layer Urethane Surround
The new dual-layer minimizes unnecessary cone resonance for higher cone durability and clearer sound.

Large Magnetic Circuit
A more magnetic field increases power output and optimizes heat dissipation.

P.F.S.S. Spider
Achieves the best balance between sound quality and high durability. This system realizes ideal sound reproduction.


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