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Projector & LED Headlights

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Very Competitive price as compared to market. Quality is also superior.

Sidharth Sharma
Happy Client

Got a set of Front & Rear Diffuser for my Ertiga. Not only its very premium but the company also got it customised colour which matches my car. Very much happy with the services.

Rahul Gaba
Happy Client

Recently purchased Car Seat Covers for my Creta. The Quality of Leatherette is very fine also fitting is awesome.

Seema Tandon
Happy Client

Completely Justified Pricing. Ordered quite a few times. I never get disappointed.

Kunal Chaudhary
Happy Client

I recently purchased a pair of headlights for my Fortuner. There was an issue in a light and when I reported them the issue the response was very quick. Very Good Customer Service.

Anirudh Kapoor
Happy Client

Which Is the Best Headlight for Your Car?

In headlamp technology, projector headlights are a relatively new invention. They were initially utilized extensively in select premium vehicles in the 1980s. Projector headlights and taillights or rear lights have been increasingly widespread on all types of automobiles since then.

The appearance of the reflector and projector headlights is similar. They have a light in a steel bowl with mirror reflectors. On the other hand, a projector headlight has a lens that acts as a magnifying glass, increasing the brightness of the light beam.

A cutoff shield is also present to guarantee that the light emitted by such sorts of headlights is appropriately oriented. It assists in directing the light towards the roadway. Projector headlights feature a very fast cutoff owing to the shield.

For a good reason, projector headlights are becoming increasingly popular. They have numerous advantages:

  • They are more vibrant. Reflector headlights are far less potent than projector car headlights.
  • They are less likely to cause other drivers to become blind. Projector headlights do not shine in other drivers’ eyes because they point slightly downward towards the road.
  • The light from projector headlamps is more even. Darker patches can appear in reflector headlights.
  • Only projector headlights are compatible with Xenon HID bulbs. When utilized in reflector headlights, HID bulbs are too bright, and the light they create can blind other vehicles. Get modified car headlights and shine on the road.

Considering all the points, we have concluded that projector headlights for cars are better than reflector headlights or company-fited headlights. If you are looking to get modified car headlights, then projector headlights for cars will be the best option as they have advantages over regular lights and give a sporty touch to the vehicle. Unfortunately, many offline stores don’t have projector headlights for cars under stock as they are highly in demand.

modified headlights or car projector lights

How to Buy Projector Headlights or LED Headlights for the Car?

You want to buy projector headlights for cars and ordered to modify yours. For the vehicle, you can visit our website DriveStylish and order yourself a pair of projector headlights for cars. Our projector headlights for cars are premium in quality and at a very competitive price compared to the industry standards. We offer a variety of projector car headlights and cover most of the brands across India. 

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Why should you choose DriveStylish?

Our customers tend to repurchase more items. You can order anything you want any time of the day. We will deliver your product at your door-step as we have been doing Pan India delivery, and no place in India can stop us from returning to you no matter where you are. We will deliver it to you. If you don’t like the product you have received at your doorstep, you are free to return it. Our return services are free of cost, and the product can returned for free. Our customer service agents are available 6*9. You can contact them if you have any queries or questions. They will happily answer it as they are professional and knowledgeable about our website and the items we deal in.

So what are you waiting for? Get your modified car headlights today from our online website and let those modified car headlights shine on the road.